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Dear Alumni
Welcome to 'The Kasebook'. Your very own, exclusive networking platform. The Kasebook is a community platform designed to help you socialize or intellectualize with all those connected to IIMK.It allows you to identify, connect, share, energize and co-create with your fellow mates, wherever they are, through virtual community platform.

Welcome to Kasebook!
Kasebook provides a wonderful opportunity to re-connect with your batch mates and engage with the larger IIMK community. You can use it to strengthen existing connections and build new ones! Tap into this global network to seek and share knowledge, continue your professional and social development, and stay informed on your peers and happenings at IIMK. Contribute towards creating a vibrant, resourceful, and supportive community!

Nycil George
Email : chairpersonalumni@iimk.ac.in
Phone : +91 495 2809 677
Chairperson, Alumni Relations
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